Sunday, 27 September 2009

Power of making a decision

Nearly 18 months ago I made a decision that i was going to have my own photography business specialising in portraits and events as that is what I love doing. At the time I was teaching and while I enjoyed it - it was a job rather than a passion. Now today that goal is a reality!

How - through hard work, effort made meeting new people and taking new risks but mainly because I had decided that it was going to happen. The how is really not that important, it was going to happen!! What I have discovered along the way - is that I have become a better person because of this journey that is not over because I have achieved this goal. It is just another beginning of a leg in the journey.

So many people have helped me achieve this goal - some without even realising it. I am extremely grateful for the encouragement and belief that others gave me. It seems that once that decision had been made, things just fell into place, opportunities opened up from all around, help came if and when I needed it. I also worked hard to make things progress as fast as possible. It appeared that the universe was conspiring to help me along - it was and is amazing.

I am also glad that I had the opportunity to make a public declaration of my decision. I stood up in front of a group of friends and announced that I was going to do this thing. And they held me accountable to get it happening - when I would see them they would ask how things were going. That made me feel an urgency, it stopped me from procrastinating along the way as they were always very excited for me to hear of the progress that was being made.

These are the things that I have found that I need to make my goals and dreams, reality: belief that it is possible, gratitude in advance for what is unfolding around me, the willingness to stick to it and work hard, a trusted group of cheerleaders that also believe in me. And the most important thing is that you have to make that first and definite decision that it's going to be. That total clarity of the end result even if you have no idea how you can make it happen, it's going to happen regardless.

These are the first pictures I took in my studio - I still love saying that - MY STUDIO - how cool is that. They are of my daughter, my best and favourite model. They are and always will be special.
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  1. Oh woohoo! Congratulations & Bestest have my permission to use any photos you took of my girls earlier this year as part of your portfolio love too.

  2. Bronwen, congratulations on the new studio and for having the faith in yourself and your talents to take that leap! Best wishes on the new business. Having such an endearing subject must have made the first shoot in your new studio a totally fun experience!