Saturday, 19 November 2011

Life is the Best Teacher

An important realisation that I had a while back, was that life is an awesome school that can teach us so many lessons. Everything that occurs, everyday, is filled with lessons just waiting for us to learn. I discovered that life is full of brilliant lessons, but alas, there are so few people who are willing to learn these lessons.

Those of us who have embraced the lessons life can throw at us often find day-to-day life easier, more rewarding and fulfilling. While others, the majority it seems, that are not willing to learn their lessons appear to struggle more in every area of their lives and often see life as being unfair.

During my own life, there have been times which things were tough and challenging. Yet these times I now fondly remember because of the lessons they taught me. Coming out of the other side of these experiences, I have been blessed with the gift that comes with learning a lesson from life.

And now I would like to share my gifts with you.

Especially the big one, that I hold dear and use everyday, which is that IT PAYS TO HAVE A DREAM! Life is dull, boring and not at all inspiring if you don't have a dream. With a dream in your life, what you can do, have or be, is limitless.

I am saddened that sooooooo many people drift through their time on Earth without a dream. For they are making it difficult for themselves by not having something to live for. A life without a dream is one that no-one should endure.

When I finally learnt this wonderful lesson, my life opened up with endless possibilities. I should tell you, before learning this lesson I was such a boring, miserable person, that had no plans or interest for the future. Thankfully, I learnt this lesson and became a positive, creative dreamer which turned me into a new person.

There are lots of other dreamers around if you look. They are the individuals impacting and making a difference in our world. In every aspect of human endeavour, you can find dreamers. People who start with nothing but a dream and allowed their dreams to take them places they couldn't possibly have originally imagined. They usually get there by having trust in their dreams and doing the hard work necessary to arrive at that place called Success.

Students of life, I want to share with you, that life is just not fulfilling without a dream. Getting up and doing the same old stuff everyday for your entire life is not something you should have to suffer through. A dream acted upon can take you places that you can not even envisage, yet.

The greatest gift that you can give yourself is to have a dream, a BIG dream. A Brilliant Incredible Grand dream. Let others, if the want to draggle through their lives but please don't let it be your case. So go on and dream and make it a REALLY, REALLY BIG Dream!

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