Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Maximise Your Life

How often do you think that life is boring and dull? That it is empty of anything exciting. You wake up every morning and have the same old routine. You go to school or work. You hang out with the same people in the same spots doing the same things, even travel the same roads, day in and day out, over and and over again. Booorrring.

Do you want some variety in your life? The solution is....YOU! You are in control of your life. You are the master of your own destiny. You can decide if you want to make that change.

Let's look at some one who has just finished high school. They basically have two choices. To continue studying and enter university or an apprenticeship; or they can go straight to work. Now because they have figured that life, including school is boring, they are somewhat intimidated by the challenges of studying. They don't think that they will pass the necessary exams because they see themselves as below average. They don't like the thought of failing university and taking the risk of never having any money. So they take a boring job earning a very meager income.

They are happy because they have money while their friends are having a hard time and studying. But then, their friends graduate and get awesome jobs with higher salaries. They are now envious of their friends. They start having 'if only' regrets. You know those ones don't you? If only they had sacrificed a few years; if only they had faced the challenges of university. If only they had taken the risk. Then life would be better.

There are some people, believe it or not, who do want to improve on the boring lives, yet are just too scared and wimpy to get out of their comfort zones and discover the endless opportunities that are available for them. I know that once you step out of your comfort zone you might still encounter challenges and problems, but it is still the best way to move forward and get so much more out of your life.

So I encourage you to explore and diversify. Take a new way to school, eat a style of food you have never tasted, do something outrageous (not dangerous) just for fun. Life could be exciting. It's your choice.

Are you satisfied with every part of your life right now? If not, then it is up to you to start to do the things you need that will make your life meaningful and complete.

Now remember you only have one life to live. So make sure that you don't just drift through life. Get the most out of every opportunity. Go out and do those things that will leave lasting memories. Live every day as if it was your very last. And in the words of Nike "Just do it! Seize the moment.
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