Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Unlimited Horizon

Once upon a time, people believed that the Earth was flat. They gazed towards the horizon which looked like that somewhere out there the Earth ended. And that at this end point there was the possibility that they would fall off into the unknown and perish. Therefore, they did not venture out from the land they knew. They stayed where they lived out of fear.

This perception that the horizon was the end of the Earth stopped people from exploring new possibilities. Today, we know that this perception is incorrect. The limitation that held people back was an error in perception. Brave adventurers have proven that the horizon is not the edge of the world, it is not the end of the Earth.

In fact you can never actually get to the horizon. It moves further away as you travel towards it. So while the horizon looks like an end, it is basically infinite, in that it can never be reached.

What if every limitation we have is a horizon? Just an error in our perception?

Imagine that any limitation you believe you have is just a horizon, be it financial, physical, emotional, intellectual or any other area of life. For example, you have the limiting belief that you are not smart/pretty/athletic enough to achieve a dream you have. So you don't bother to even try. You deny yourself the enjoyment and challenge of success. What if you went out and explored beyond your limitations. You would find that your confidence would improve, your life would be filled with increased possibilities.

So how do we overcome these limitations?

It is a two step process:

Step 1 is to change your perception. If you continue to think that the Earth is flat and your world ends at the horizon. Learn to see the world in a new way, with limitations only being an illusion. That the world has an abundance of opportunities that are just out of your current vision.

Step 2 is to behave according with your new unlimited beliefs. Know that you can go beyond the horizon and you can keep moving forward. That all of the resources of he world are available to the brave explorers of the world.

You can believe that horizons are a mindset. Wealth is a mindset. Poverty is a mindset. Freedom is a mindset. Security is a mindset. Sadness is a mindset. Happiness is a mindset. All states are just a mindset each with its own set of emotions. But like the horizon, the mind is infinite. It only contains limits that you incorrectly believe to be real. It is the same as the horizon that can never be reached. Yet we know that we can never fall off the Earth at the horizon. So chase beyond those limits and go for your dreams.
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