Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Which way do you focus?

I recently went out to Karawatha Forest for a walk and to get back to nature and rejuvenate the inner batteries in the Australian bush. It was a chance to get away from suburbia with my beloved husband, connect and unwind. We were wandering along, taking random paths that we figured would eventually take us back to the car park. We had no set plan and were just enjoy the surrounds and each other's company.

I love how I can always learn something from situations that on the surface seem to hold no importance at all. The lesson that came to mind was when we found ourselves on the edge of the Forest walking along a path with the Gateway Motorway nearby. For readers, not familiar with Brisbane, the Gateway is one of the major six to eight lane motorways that cross the city. I found that I was becoming irritated by the disturbance to the peace and serenity I had been enjoying in the bush. I began to question why I was letting it bother me.

As we continued to walk along the path, the noise of everyday life on one side and the beauty and peace of nature on the other, I realised that I had the choice on what I could focus on. So I gave all my attention to the Forest. I began to notice all the subtleties that I had been taking for granted earlier in our walk. The textures and colours, all the small wildlife as well as some larger ones (like the family of gorgeous Tawny Frog mouths). All of this would of been missed if I had chosen to focus on what I did not want - namely the distractions from others.

It was along this same path I stumbled on a loose, plain looking stone. At least it first appeared to be plain looking. Yet after I stumbled and had disturbed it, I was able to see that it had been damaged. And inside of this dull greyish-brown rock, was a colourful, glittery heart that sparkled in the sunlight and was an object of extreme beauty.

Here was another lesson from nature, to teach that we often need to look inside of others, into their hearts to see their beauty. Much like one of my favourite movies Shallow Hal with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black. Imagine how different our world could be if we choose to only see the beauty in others.

As it turned out, the path we were following was a dead end and we had to turn around and retrace our steps. Which is as it is in life at times. Some of the best lessons are found on roads that need to be traveled more than once before our learning is complete. Or on roads that appear to lead nowhere, but have to be traveled so that the lesson appears in a form that we can recognise.

I ask you, what lessons have you found on today's journey? Maybe you need to change what you are focusing on, or just look a little deeper to find the beauty of the lesson.
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