Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Don't do the Smart Thing

Have you ever said, or heard those close to you asked "Should I follow my dreams or should I do the smart (right/sensible) thing and . . .???" This is a serious case for alarm bells to start ringing and really start to evaluating your life.

Firstly, do you actually want to devote your time, energies and efforts to something that you are not passionate about. We only have a limited time on this planet and it shouldn't be wasted on things that don't delight you.

So how can you change direction when you have already invested time, money and energy into something?

The first task you have to do is realistically assess your passion. Ask yourself loads of questions like: Why do I want to do this? What kind of lifestyle do I want? How much money do I need to make? How will this serve myself and others? Then write them all down along with any others thoughts that come up during the process.

Once you have a clear vision of what YOU (not your partner, parents, family or dog) want for you, then you can make an informed and rational decision about what steps need to be taken.

Do you need more training, extra financial backing, more or different contacts? You may have to continue with your current life or a little while longer while you get all the pieces in place to make a successful transition for your new direction. But have your new goal in front of you and work DAILY to make it happen so that you don't find yourself slipping back into your rut (or open ended coffin)

Concentrate your efforts on finding out and doing what you really want to in life. Stop using the excuse that you are doing the smart thing as a cop-out from really living the life you deserve to have.

Consider it your responsibility to your partner, children and parents to find and live your passion. Imagine how much better a role model you will be when you are living your dream instead of constantly complaining and existing in angst for the remainder of your days.

You might have a few challenging weeks or months while you sort out your priorities, but think of the benefits and enjoyment you will experience when you have the life you now only have been dreaming of.

What is stopping you now???
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