Thursday, 30 April 2009

Solutions v Soulutions

A SOLUTION comes from the intellect. It is an attempt to solve a difficulty or dilemma by figuring out what the right thing is in any problematic circumstance. It comes from the mind and is based on thinking.

A SOULUTION helps you to solve your problems by taking a broad approach. It speaks to you through your feelings, dreams and visions and not through words alone. A SOULUTION leads to right action. It truly resolves conflicts and difficulties in ways that lead to a deeper sense of peace.

One thing that I have learnt and want to strengthen is the practice of accepting the wisdom of my soul. To listen to the words it speaks, to observe the dreams and visions that it creates and respond with heart feelings.

Trust in your soul's instinct to do the right thing rather than heeding to your head regarding the sociably acceptable thing to do. Stop worrying what others think and get over your fear of being judged and follow your own path.

You deserve to live YOUR dreams. You will be a better role model when you do, so stop letting fear hold you back, stop being so selfish and share your gifts with the world.
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