Wednesday, 6 May 2009

All the Good Things

What would the world be like if when we met we only talked about the good things and recalled the positive about each other?

I posed this question to a group of young achievers that I mentor as the precursor to a session on positive communication. We then went around the group and had to public say one thing that we liked about ourselves. I was quite taken aback as many of the teenagers struggled to find something positive they were comfortable sharing about themselves.

After a brief discussion, the group as a whole realized that most of their day to day conversations were centered on their troubles and who or what caused them. These troubles or problems may even leak into our thoughts or our dreams as we rest and sleep, and we often spent a great deal of time pondering over them and allowing them to grow - this is time we can never replace.

We are all so aware of our own faults, deficits, inadequacies and problems, as well as those closest to us, when we really need to be focusing on the positives.

Imagine how you could influence somebody when you began a conversation with "I know something good about you", or "I heard something wonderful about you." When we speak to ourselves and others in this positive way, it opens the door to feeling better, for increased self esteem and confidence and offers an opportunity for us all to share joy.

Why not try it today and see where your conversations lead you?
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