Monday, 4 May 2009


I am so lucky to always have Joy in my life. She is my step-mother and is a Joy by nature as well as name. So it is a running family joke that our family occasions always includes Joy.

Yet it is important that we not take Joy for granted. How do you find Joy in your life? That blissful, peaceful happiness that too often comes at a high price. When we learn the lesson of mortality and suddenly what seemed to be important you realise isn't. Things that used to annoy you, don't seem to be significant. You learn that what is really important are the people who you love and who love you.

Imagine that your time is limited, because it is!! Then every moment will become precious. When you step outside appreciate the flowers as it may be the last flower that you see. Time then becomes a gift instead of something to race against or kill or a burden. You can choose to spend it with the people you love doing things that bring you Joy instead of doing things that are meaningless. You can wear what ever you like and not be concerned what others may think. When you live in the now even the weather becomes fascinating rather than a problem. That frost covered windscreen turns into one of mother nature's awesome works of art instead of a nuisance.

Take Joy and pleasure from what lies around you, be in awe of the beauty in the world. Really consider the quote by Dr Bernie Seigel "Seeing something for the last time is almost as good as the first." Pretend that you are an alien every morning and see the world as if you were seeing it for the first time. or just go back to childhood and allow yourself to experience that child-like wonder where even a leaf or a worm can be a pleasure to behold.

Today I ask that you bask in the beauty and the variety in the world before you and discover all the places that you too can find Joy and Love in your personal world.

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