Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Dream the impossible dream - but who decides what is impossible? Imagine being a caveman or medieval knight who encounters a time machine and lands in the middle of a modern city today. They would declare things we take for granted as impossible - air travel, computers, microwave ovens, flush toilets were once just ideas in someones imagination and were all called "impossible" until they were made happen.

What are your unspoken or impossible dreams and imaginings? Take the time to write them down, explore them fully and develop them. If we never imagine what can be, it never will be. When you imagine what you life could be like, your mind and spirit begin the unconscious process of change, and things begin to happen. When an inventor imagines and then takes action, the world changes.

Do not thwart a child's imagination by limiting their reality and discouraging their natural creativity. Reality is only what you choose it to be. Your life and your achievements can only be what you imagine and dream it to be, if you take action and create it.
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  2. Your article was very timely for me. I am enjoying going through your blog and have every intention of checking in regularly. Thank you for posting your thoughts and your wonderful insights.

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