Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Places of Darkness

Have you ever wallowed in feelings of unrest, sadness, irritation or depression? What have you called them? What label did you put on them? Darkness is not always a bad thing.

These feelings can be taken as signs that something is stirring inside of you that is looking for a response from you. It is in the black holes of the universe (or an individual) that the source of life can be found.

Our feelings assist and look after us. They help in teaching us what is going on, on the inside of us as well as warning us of danger on the outside. The feelings that we find bubbling to the surface, even when we keep trying to suppress them have a purpose. When you stop judging these feelings as bad, you can use them for direction and to reveal and resolve underlying issues.

When we are in the midst of emotional despair, anguish or hopelessness it can be helpful to to go into the darkness to find meaning. It is in the darkness we can find our true self, peace and answers. We can be like a blank slate and create ourselves out of the darkness.

When you see this white piece of paper with a black spot on it, how do you describe it?

Do you focus on the darkness? or look at the bigger picture? You get to decide what you focus on, only the darkness, or realize that life is a combination of dark times surrounded by the light. Can can never really appreciate the light if you didn't have the darkness.

You don't have to fear the darkness. Trust your intuition and let it show you your way through the darkness. Go inside and discover what the darkness can teach you, and you can emerge with a new energy and the true light of awareness.
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