Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tree of Life

Let the sap within you circulate, nourish and connect your life. Unite body, mind and spirit. Grow, branch out, and blossom. Reach for the sky.

A tree is a magnificent living thing. We are currently experiencing storms with strong winds in my part of the planet. This has resulted in some of the areas most beautiful and oldest trees being blown over. Some may recover with time, but the suburb will be poorer for losing these amazing examples of God's work.

When we think of a tree's life we can learn a lot. It starts out with roots that grow down into the earth and form a solid base and get a strong grasp on its foundation. Those roots nourish the tree allowing it to grow and ascend into the heavens. The communication throughout the tree flows easily and effortlessly.

The roots and the branches do not waste time and effort resenting the other for their different exposures, functions and purposes. On the other hand, we as humans, often fail seeing how all our parts work together for the greater whole.

How can we, as people, have the solid base as we reach for the stars and heavens above us? We need to accept that we are part of a larger structure that has to unify in order to survive and thrive. It is only then that we, like the trees, will truly be able to reach for the heavens
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