Wednesday, 20 May 2009

You CAN Make a Difference

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - Sydney Smith

I was watching a documentary the other day on turtles. I struck my the struggles that new born turtles face just to be born are phenomenal. Yet the line in the film that resonated most with me came from a young boy (aged about 8) who was working with his marine biologist parents. They were assisting the new born turtles to the water, when the reporter commented on the odds of making any difference to the turtles survival rates. The young boy spoke up and said "I may not be able to help all of them but if I can help just one, I've made a difference."

So remember that by changing just one life you do change the world. Every action has its effect. So make a difference by helping just person get back in the swim of life. You don't have to risk your own life by taking them all the way through the ocean, but find out what they need to get them through the rough and back to smoother water. Then help them do it.

Often it only takes one voice, one person to step up and make an impact on the world. Yet the majority find excuses not to. Have you heard or used any of the following:-

- I'm not good enough to ......
- It's not my responsibility to .........
- I don't have time to ........
- I don't know how to ........

There will always be reasons or excuses not to be involved, but you have to push through to make a difference. You may not be in a position of authority but it is still possible to learn how you can help. As for time, would you be willing to spare five minutes if you were certain it would change the world?

There are numerous examples of one person making a difference throughout history. So what are you going to do today that will begin to make an impact on the world?
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