Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Ability to Cry

Sometimes it seems that those who frustrate and test us the most are the people we know that we can learn the most from. Therefore, Jessica, my 9 year old must be my greatest teacher, especially on day like today. She pushed the limits of my and her fathers patience beyond the norm. To have some time out I had a shower and cried. Now tonight I found some thoughts on tears.

Why were we given the ability to cry? Apparently we have this ability to cry tears because of the cleansing nature of water. What softens and revitalises a hard, dry sponge? What cleanses a wound and washes away the dirt? The cleansing power of water is well documented. It is necessary for life, and so I believe are tears.

I have see the soul destroying effects when emotions are held inside, as well as how those that are washed away with tears can actually restore a life. Think of that dried up old sponge left in the kitchen sink. If you didn't shed tears, that could be you. Now if you plunge that same sponge into warm water, it softens, just as we do when we are willing to cry tears of pain, of joy, of frustration, of love and acceptance.

So if you feel the need to cleanse yourself with a good cry and let others know that it is OK for them to do the same thing. Let your tears clear your vision so that you can see things in a new light.
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