Saturday, 29 August 2009

New Beginnings

Lately I have been hearing from friends and family about new directions that their lives are taking. New careers, new opportunities, new relationships, and in some cases whole new lives. It reminded me of a story I read written by Dr Bernie S Siegel

The first time I was asked to give a report to the Board of Directors of Heaven I was quite nervous. When I finished I said, "the end", and God said, "No, not the end."

I thought I was in big trouble because I haven't done a good job, so I said, "That's the end of my report. I have no more to say." God responded, "I understand, but in Heaven when we finish a report we say, The Beginning. For instance, does the Bible end in conclusions?"

"No Revelations," I said.

"Right" God said. "And do you call a graduation a termination?"

"No, it's a commencement."

"Right again. Remember that life is a series of beginnings. The changes, losses, illnesses, and afflictions are not endings, but beginnings. We are changed and have to start a new life each time. So what do you now say?"

I shall try to find for myself, my family, and my patients the strength and courage to live this way."

The meeting was adjourned.

I now realise that in order to begin anew we must say goodbye to who we were. Old beliefs and identities need to be discarded so that we can move forward. So maybe we all need to have the courage to begin the new life that each day brings us. No matter what changes or losses you have experienced, step back and see where you need to begin.

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