Friday, 28 August 2009

Feel Your Fear and Do It Anyway

There is an awesome bunch of teenagers that I know. Today we went to an adventure park and went on ropes courses and flying foxes through the Australian bush which in itself was really cool. What made it extraordinary was the willingness for these kids to just "give it a go." Before we started some openly admitted that they were uncertain and down right scared and still they did it. Not all of them made it through all three different courses, which increased in difficulty, yet all of them started and when as far as were happy doing.

Now these ropes were suspended up to 30m in the air and walking on cables and swinging on ropes literally through the trees is such as buzz. Though after 3 hours it is physically and mentally draining. What was also special with these kids was that all day there was only words of encouragement and willingness to push each other just that next step with no put downs or pressure just by example and assistance. We could all learn so much from these teenagers.

If they wanted to have a rest after the first section, they stayed around and cheered the others that had chosen to extend themselves. They were all important members of a tight knit team. When someone was struggling, that was OK as well and team mates helped them take the next step up the ladder or over the divide. There were adult mentors or park staff on hand for supervision and we didn't need to do a thing to help motivate these kids through the courses - they did it themselves.

Some of the sensations were not pleasant or fun, they were meaningful and resulted in everyone ending the day with a higher sense of achievement. To some this day might just remain an enjoyable day out with their friends. To others though, today will be a turning point in their lives as they build on their self-esteem and they will now have the confidence to achieve in other areas in their lives.

All of these young adults should be proud of themselves as they take on the challenges of senior schooling. Today has shown them and everyone around them that they have what it takes to achieve all their goals and dreams. How many others can say that they have faced a challenge with such enthusiasm, strength and humour and come out a winner?
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