Saturday, 14 November 2009


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I have been seeing and receiving a lot of information about angels in the past few days, so began to look at my thoughts and beliefs on the subject. Personally, I feel that angels reside within each of our souls and spirits. That they are all around protecting, guiding but also judging.

I have now found out that it is common belief that there are actually nine levels or hierarchies of angels. These apparently being:-

1. Seraphim - the highest order and those closest to God, the ones that circle God's throne with love and devotion.

2. Cherub - these are the holders of all knowledge and wisdom, and we would be blinded with their brilliance

3. Thrones - are the counselors with the task of divine judgement

4. Dominions - look after all the small details as well as all other angel; they are the caretakers of the heavens

5. Virtues - preside over the elements of the world and look after nature

6. Powers - are responsible for the cosmic order and watch over the human race as a whole

7. Principalities - are minders of nations

8. Archangels - are the chief messengers of the heavens and have the task of overseeing the big picture of humankind and the environment

9. Guardians - are our individual protectors and guides

Now whether you believe in God, Allah, Buddha or just a higher power is not for me to judge. I find it somewhat reassuring that something more is looking out for our wellbeing. Yet, I also feel that these powers or spirits work with or through every single one of us in order to improve the world and teach you the lessons that we need to learn.

Even those you might look upon as fallen angels still have lessons that they can teach, and as such should be encouraged and not judged as that is not up to us to do.

In this regard, it is possible that every one of us is someone's angel. So today I ask you, who has been your angel, your protector, your guide, your teacher? Also who have you been or could be an angel for?
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