Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Thoughts on parenthood

As my children head back to school for another year, I contemplate the challenges and rewards of parenthood. By choice or by chance, life has blessed us with children. I am learning that raising them is one of the most important, creative and demanding spiritual practices that life offers.

I recently read that if you want to keep your life easy and "happy", then don't get married or have children; don't take on big responsibilities. Live cheaply and work minimally; then you will have time to do whatever you want. I know that there are people that choose not to have children and I respect that.

For me, being a mother is a great source of happiness and delight and also frustration and learning. While, we were blessed with our first child at a time that we may not have chosen for ourselves, it seems that the universe decided that we needed the lessons that he brought with him nearly 15 years ago. I have heard of people saying they will have children when it is "convenient" - well I have learnt that there is never a convenient time for children to enter your life.

We only have our children for a relatively short time, so appreciate them and enjoy them while you can. And remember that mature adults don't make children; children make mature adults.

Life develops what it demands by Dan Millman

On the path between us and our goals stand hurdles and challenges.
Every road has its hurdles; each one we clear makes us stronger.
Any positive change entails a period of discomfort as we rise from one level to the next.
Obstacles and discomfort separate the committed from the hopeful and turn dreamers into doers.
Life's gifts come carefully wrapped in difficulties and demands.
We have only to open the package to reap the wisdom and rewards hidden within.
Most worthwhile goals are difficult until they become easy.
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