Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The 3 Ps of Success

Have you ever achieved something that you have worked for, only to then feel empty and wondering what more there could be? Is this all there is? What do I need to do to really feel successful????

I attended a personal development seminar last weekend and one the speakers asked some interesting questions in regard to achieve deep and meaningful success.

What is your PURPOSE? What is your PASSION? and What is your PLEASURE?

When we talk about Purpose, it is the big reason you are here and do what you do but could also be your intentions for life. The purpose of my life is is create and inspire with beauty and wisdom to help myself and others learn and grow even more. What is yours? What do you really want to be remembered for and what legacy will you leave generations to come?

Next comes Passion... normally our first thoughts are of romance and intimacy when we mention passion. It can however be applied to any and all areas of life. Ask yourself what activities set your heart on fire, make you lose track of time and you approach with great enthusiasm. I am grateful that I have discovered a number of different passions in my life, including connecting with and helping others especially youth to reach for their dreams and potential, also photography and capturing images that show the beauty of our world and the people in it amongst others. What does it for you? What things you would you do if time and money were not a challenge? and why?

Then lastly Pleasure, the things that make you happiest. These can be the big things like spending time with friends and family as well as the small things like sitting watching the waves on a beach. Or anything at all really; seeing a child smile, learning something new, playing sport, traveling, having a clean house, having a massage, sitting and staring into the eyes of your partner, driving down a country road with the wind in your hair in a brand new car..... and the list goes on and on. And it will be different for each of us at different times in our lives.

When we can combine these three Ps, I belief that you can call your life a success.

Do I hear you ask - yes but how do I survive while I live this life of success? So often I have seen and know that it is definitely true for myself, when you are following your hearts desire, the cash and abundance will follow. When you live your dreams with a focused purpose (that also includes a plan to go with it), total passion and joy (or pleasure) others will be attracted to you and be influenced and inspired by your success and will want to be associated with you.

Why not try it? Answer the questions and see how you feel. When you truly want to make your dreams come true and make a difference, then you can't help but act upon it - and that what often makes success come your way - when you take action and ownership of your goals to make sure they become reality.
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