Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Can we ever make a "bad" decision?

Nowhere can I find it written that decisions are meant to be easy. The choices we make are a mixture of intellect, intuition and instinct. And the more important the decision, the harder it seems to make it. Why is this so...?

I feel that it is because the perceived importance increases our fear of making the wrong choice and what might happen because of that. Remembering that our perception is only our impression and take on reality, while fear tends to disappear with knowledge and action.

You make millions of decisions on a daily basis. Do you agonise over each and every one? Decisions like what do I eat for breakfast; what will I wear today; will I go to work/school or the beach or will I use a black or blue pen? Now realise that these decisions will not dramatically change your life... or will they? How often was it something small in your life that when you look back, made a huge difference?

So how will you know which way to go and what to do? I suggest that with faith and using your intellect, intuition and instinct, you just pick one, any one really because it will not be wrong.

How can I say that? Because I believe that every decision made this way can serve our highest good and learning - that every choice leads to wisdom. So often, what others might term a "bad" decision have given me the best lessons in life.

What would have happened in the past if you had made different choices? Turned left instead of right, gone to a different school or accepted a different career or relationship choice, said yes instead of no...? Some things might have been great, some not so. In any case, you will never know. You have chosen this life, this way, this moment.

Are we alive to learn how to make an infallible decision so that everything turns out perfectly every time? Or is our lives about learning, discovery and finding wisdom? And what is a "wrong" decision anyway? Is you choose this instead of that and you go through a tough patch....does that mean that you made the wrong decision? is the easier path always the best one?

You might like to consider these questions - not because they will make decision-making any easier or bring you clarity, but because they will lead you into uncertainty and that leads to variety which we all know is the spice of life.

So from this perspective bad decisions, wrong decisions just don't exist. Some decisions will take you one direction and some another, but every direction will give you lessons and lead you to wisdom. There is no one technique to make a decision. Just remember that whatever decision you make is perfect for you at the time.

Your decisions also become part of others' lives - your family, friends, colleagues; they are a natural part of your learnings. Will you know what is ultimately the best direction to take?
Well ... no, you cannot. So doesn't it seems like a great thought to rely on the uncertainty or mystery of life and trust and have faith that every decision you make will lead you to the wisdom you need.
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