Wednesday, 20 April 2011


How do we define WISDOM?

According to the dictionary it is having the "knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just action"

This tells us that we can learn wisdom. But it does not come from books, school or courses. It is gleamed from the experience of one's life. We gather it from moment to moment. However, I feel that we are also born with an innate wisdom of the earth. Anyone who has looked deep in the eyes of a new born baby has often see this wisdom. This wisdom then sits in our hearts until we need it, or are brave enough to delve into it and bring it into our lives.

It is often in desperate times that we find the courage to examine the truth of our lives and our experiences to discover the wisdom of our hearts much like a miner finds the diamonds among the rubble. I have found that to find these diamonds, you have get rid of all the external noise of the ego that demands your attention.

The answer to all your questions are always found in your heart. It already has the wisdom of the truth and knows the best way to proceed forward. Answers may come in the form of a dream, an awareness or event that seems inexplicable but that you know is right. Accessing this wisdom is a paradox, it is both difficult and at the same time simple. Difficult because it requires faith, trust and a letting go of the ego and simple for it just flows when it is needed with no obstacles in the way. Difficult because it takes courage, but easy because it is a reflex that comes from within - if you let it. If you have the need or the desire then the knowledge is there.

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