Tuesday, 19 April 2011

For love or money

Have you ever found that sometimes the busyness of life gets in the way of living your dreams?

I have recently had the wonderful opportunity to reassess my life and purpose. I had been caught up in a job that I took on before Christmas with the purpose of bringing in some extra money and the hope of meeting some new friends. Looking back (hindsight is such a wonderful thing) these were poor motivators to keep me in a position that was not in line with my goals or values.

Lessons that I have learnt from this experience are:

- Money will not make me happy and is no substitute for spending my days doing something that I find to be a waste of time and energy.

- Spending my days doing tasks that are not emotionally fulfilling can completely drain my energy and have an adverse effect on my health.

- Negative attitudes are very contagious when you are surrounded with them on a daily basis.

Since leaving this company, I made a conscious decision to look at the areas that I would like to make some changes and discovered that it was most of them.

So I have found a new part-time position. Part-time so that I have time to follow other paths and also have time to spend time with my family and be available for my children. This position I know intuitively that allow me to use my teaching and nurturing skills. The thought of starting this position next week fills me with excitement.

One area that I had been sadly neglecting was sharing thoughts of wisdom with others, which is where this blog comes in. I will now be paying this area more attention, as I have learnt that the areas of your live that you give your attention grows and thrives. This is with the plan that it will lead to bigger and better things. Other areas that I will be giving more of my attention will be opportunities to learn and grow, so will be open to any chance to step outside of my comfort zone. Also using my camera and creative skills to capture memories and beauty will be receiving more attention.

In your ideal life, what would you be doing, and who would you be spending time with, where would you be? These were the questions that I asked myself to decide where the majority of my attention will be. It allows you to work out what your priorities are. These are unique for you and you alone. It is on this path that happiness and fulfillment can be found.
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