Wednesday, 23 November 2011

No One Told the Bees

Did you know that scientists have proven that it is aerodynamically impossible, based on the ratio of their wings to body size, that a bumblebee can not fly?

Yet here I sit on this Springtime day, watching a number of bumblebees, buzz around the yellow daisies. Their chubby little striped bodies hovering above the petals and pollen coating their legs before they take off in perfect flight back to their hives.

Obviously, the scientists did not inform the bumblebees they couldn't fly, because they do it so effortlessly, even gracefully.
"What's the big deal?" you might be asking. But the real important question we should be asking is "Are we like those little bumblebees?" What amazing things do we achieve, regardless of the opinions or evidence of others? Or are we living life restricted and laden down by what others have told us and we have taken as fact?

Many people have said that you will get the best lessons from your biggest mistakes and failures. While often this is true, as it helps us continue on in the face of adversity. It may also be seetting up an internal conflict between:
1. Having to struggle for success, or
2. Become an incompetent flop.

What a choice!

Imagine if we didn't accept this scenario. But rather take a different approach to life. What if we believe that the best lessons are motivated by love and success rather than fear of lack?
Many people base their lives on the following beliefs:
- Life is tough, so suck it up
- Bad things happen to good people
- Failure can be the best teacher
- Life will be good after I get past this ... (day, week, month, year, class)

What do you think their lives are like?
As a comparison, how would you like to live a day in the lives of people who base their behaviour on beliefs such as:
- Life is fantastic
- Today is the best day of my life
- Life is such a party
- I love my life
- I give others respect and honour them
- Success comes easily to me
- I am a special individual who contribute greatly to my community
- I easily learn new skills and knowledge

You may be wary, and think that all this positive thinking is rubbish and doesn't work. And you are right, if that is your belief. But why not give it a shot, what's there to lose by trying? Remembering though the wisdom of Yoda from the Star Wars movies "Do, or do not. There is no try."
Or just like the humble little bumblebee, fly effortlessly and elegantly, soaring above and beyond the garden. Without caring about what others say or
think you can or cannot do. Go on and take off and fly high.

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