Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Tale of Enthusiastic Power

I would like to tell you about two salesmen, Fred and Harry. Both worked in an outback farming area. Fred was new to the company, while Harry had been there for over five years. So Harry being a nice bloke, thought that he would take Fred under his wing and help him find his feet. One piece of advice that Harry had for Fred was that he shouldn't be too disappointed if some weeks he didn't make any sales. It was because the town's residents were mean and stingy towards sales reps and any new products they wanted to sell to them. "Just do your hours", Harry said "and don't work too hard."

Harry believed the tradesmen wouldn't buy his goods so it wasn't worth putting in any effort. that he was planning to start working hard only when he had been given a new, richer territory.

Fred, even though he was young and inexperienced in comparison to Harry, knew how excellent the products were and what a great company he was fortunate enough to work for. He also loved being a salesman and meeting and talking to the business owners. So he decided to ignore Harry's advice and trust his intuition.

Fred began his first days on the job filled with happiness and enthusiasm. He made call after call, eagerly demonstrating how his products could help the business owners, leaving information and booklets, answering any questions that were asked and finding out about who his customers were. He decided that maybe Harry was mistaken because the people in the community were friendly and open. Fred even sold more than he had been asked to.

While Harry carried on half-heartedly and putting in a pathetic effort. He only just managed to sell half of his daily quota. He struggled with how to improve his sales - he was up with all his product knowledge, he had attended all the boring training sessions and knew all the latest sales techniques - so why weren't these people buying from him. This continued for a couple of months - Fred went from strength to strength and continued to flourish and Harry found himself without a job and unemployed.

So what do you think the moral to this tale is? Never, ever underestimate the power of enthusiasm, because a little will take you a very long way. When applied to your life, I suggest you do any job, be it tiny or huge, with all the sincere passion and zest you have. This enthusiasm will give you heaps of energy so you easily accomplish your tasks and give you awesome results. Your enthusiasm will also rub off on others around you, helping them to be motivated to also achieve in the best possible way.

This is the power of enthusiasm. Any task, project or assignment, however boring or dull can turn out to be very exciting and successful. You just have to make it that way. Just add a dose of passion and motivation mixed up with a bit of inspiration and a jolt of energy. The result is outstanding and all stems from the power of enthusiasm, which illustrates the strength of this powerful force.
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