Saturday, 9 May 2009

Night Sky

Last night we were outside enjoying a beautiful Queensland evening and commenting on the amount of stars that were visible. It is amazing that the stars we see now originated billions of years ago. Light knows no limits.

What if we were the lights of our lives - we can shine and have no limits either. We can be luminous and light the way not only for ourselves but for others in our lives. It is usually only fear that holds us back from picking up the torch and being a light in the darkness. You will find that there are no limits to the effects your enlightened behavior will have.

Sure it takes a certain amount of energy and passion to light the darkness, but we are all capable of it when we get rid of our fears. By being a shining example you can help others to heal as individuals and grow as inhabitants of this planet.

So light your torch and brighten the way. Along the way if you find someone else holding a torch who is old and tired or is wounded and faltering, help them along the way or take their torch, let them rest and carry on. You will find extra meaning in your life and you can enjoy your journey more with others along for the trip.
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